100 Women of Influence


When Today’s Chicago Woman published “100 Women Making a Difference” in July 2011 and “100 Women to Watch” in 2012, these lists of smart, powerful women were the talk of the town. We featured diverse groups from various sectors – including finance, government, philanthropy, arts, education, health care and more – and highlighted both well-known leaders and up-and-coming game changers. This year, we’ve cultivated a list of “100 Women of Influence” – the women of importance in their fields and the city of Chicago. You’ll recognize familiar faces from previous “100 Women” lists and new women we haven’t yet featured. Due to space constraints, we’ve only printed portions of their résumés, but their professional and philanthropic contributions go far beyond what’s listed here. And although we’ve omitted some women who are, indeed, influential, we limited our selection to 100. Click on each woman’s photograph for her brief biography.

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