20 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Remodeling


Are you planning to remodel your current home? It is an exciting idea. However, your project can have a fabulous result or become a nightmare. I’ve asked top designers, architects and builders what homeowners can do to have a good chance their project will become the dream they envision. All professionals suggested that a homeowner should know more about why they want to remodel and what they are looking for the remodeling project to change in their home. I complied the following list of questions. And even if you’re not embarking upon a remodeling project at this time, save the lis,t as you will probably be do a home remodeling project sometime in your future.

20 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Get Started

1. Describe your current home. What do you like about it? What’s missing? What don’t you like?

2. Do you want to change the space you have?

3. Do you want to build a new home?

4. Why do you want to build a house or add to or renovate your current home? Do you need more room? Are children grown and moving on? Is your lifestyle changing?

5. What is your lifestyle? Are you at home a great deal? Do you work at home? Do you entertain often? How much time do you spend in the living areas, bedrooms, kitchen, den or office, utility space, etc.?

6. How much time and energy are you willing to invest to maintain your home?

7. If you are thinking of adding on, what functions/activities will be housed in a new space?

8. What kind of spaces do you need, e.g., bedrooms, expanded kitchen, bathrooms, etc.?

9. How many of those spaces do you think you need?

10. What do you think the addition/renovation/new home should look like?

11. If planning on a new home, what do you envision in this home that you don’t have now?

12. How much can you realistically afford to spend?

13. How soon would you like to be settled into your new home or addition? Are there rigid time constraints?

14. If you are contemplating building a home, do you have a site selected?

15. Do you have strong ideas about design styles? What are your design preferences?

16. Who will be the primary contact with the architect, contractor and others involved in designing and building your project. It is good to have one point of contact to prevent confusion and mixed messages.

17. What qualities are you looking for in a designer, contractor and/or architects?

18. How much time do you have to be involved inthe design and construction process?

19. Do you plan to do any of the work yourself?

20. How much disruption in your life can you tolerate to add on to or renovate your home?

Of course, some of the questions in this list may not pertain to your specific project but may you give thoughts about your own ideas. I know that the time spent in pre-planning a remodeling project does pay off. Your designer and contractor will know exactly what you are looking to achieve and what is expected of their services. Remember, the people you hire to create your project are as interested in a successful and fabulous result as you are.



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