3 Tips for Taking Quality Photos

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Quality photos in your marketing materials and on your website, blog or social media sites can have a great impact on your small business.

If a limited budget keeps you from hiring a professional photographer, there are alternatives: you can purchase photos inexpensively from the stock photo websites or you can take your own shots. If you’re up for trying your hand at photography, consider these three rules.

1. Buy a digital camera and know how to use it. There’s a temptation to rely on your smart phone camera, and those shots can work okay for social media sites, but a reasonably-priced digital camera works best. Read the instruction booklet for tips that will improve your photography skills.

2. Choose the right background. A good background can be your subject’s best friend. For a product photo, a simple, solid color works best. For posed shots, avoid shooting in front of a window or bright light because your subjects will almost always appear dark and lack contrast. Similarly, a busy background can detract from the subject. Use natural light, such as indirect sunlight, but if you don’t have it and must rely on the camera’s flash, try to light up the room as much as possible so your background does not appear too dark.

3. Edit your images. Even simple edits, such as cropping and removing ‘red eye’ can make a big difference. Time learning how to use editing software will be time well spent. There are also a number of photo editing sites such as pixlr.com that are free and easy to use.

You’ve heard it before: a picture is worth a thousand words. Improving your photos through study and practice will go a long way towards taking shots that have the greatest impact…shots that can lead to sales of your products or services.

Photo courtesy of stockimages via freedigitalphotos.net


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