31 Years, 31 Surprises About Me


TCW was launched in October 1982. In publishing, 31 years in business is a milestone. While the magazine has changed throughout the years, one thing has been consistent – on a regular basis someone will ask me, “So when are you going to be on the cover?”

Probably never; I’m a rather private person. So, when someone dared me to show a bit of my private side I couldn’t resist, sharing 31 things about me people would be surprised to learn.

1. I need to live near water.
2. I love to cook, but cannot follow a recipe and am always improvising to make the end result healthier.
3. When I vacuum, I sing.
4. I can’t carry a tune.
5. My passion is photography.
6. One Christmas, I asked my mom for a Thelonious Monk album. I got The Chipmunks.
7. I wanted to be a medical doctor, but didn’t try hard enough to apply for med school.
8. I’m automatically up at 4:30AM, which tends to put a dent into my social life.
9. Before breakfast, I read four newspapers and check out a couple of news websites.
10. In college I made extra cash by cutting guys’ hair.
11. After college I earned extra money as a point and figure chartist for a couple of stockbrokers.
12. My first newspaper subscription was to The Wall Street Journal.
13. A favorite movie is There’s Something About Mary.
14. Favorite novel is Evelyn Waugh’s dark comedy The Loved One.
15. Close friends say I’m one of the funniest people they know.
16. Once a month, I do something that I’ve never done before.
17. Off-season I love visiting Cape Cod – even for a weekend.
18. As a kid, I collected seashells and still collect them.
19. I can’t eat a meal without pairing something fat with it.
20. I’ve never dieted and don’t skip meals.
21. Don’t even ask me what I think of people who ‘cleanse.’
22. In apparel/accessories, I intensely dislike the color pink. Except on men.
23. Current TV program of choice is Duck Dynasty.
24. I think cereal is obscene.
25. Soy is also a crock.
26. Growing up I was a tomboy…then I discovered boys.
27. But I didn’t have a serious relationship until college.
28. In college, sorority busboys voted me as having the Most Beautiful Body.
29. I’m about the same weight now as I was back then.
30. Staying healthy should top everyone’s To Do list.
31. I believe financial independence is the most important gift a woman can give herself.

Screenshot of A&E’s Duck Dynasty courtesy of YouTube.


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