4 Ways to Beat Business Resolution Odds


As we roll into the second month of 2013, the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) wants to know: Are you sticking with your New Year’s Resolution? Hard to believe, but over 80 percent of people drop out of the resolution race in the first 30 days of the new year. Here are a few ways to make sure you stick with your resolutions or to bring you back on track before you forget what your original resolution was.

  1. Make it good GREAT. Let’s backtrack and double check exactly what you signed yourself up for in the resolution category. Did you put thought into what you resolved to do? Look beyond fitness, eating right and cleaning that junk drawer, and focus on getting your business in shape, feeding your creative side in marketing or investing in your staff to peak your business performance.
  2. Write it down. Not just in your journal, or if you’re a young entrepreneur, your diary, but everywhere. Use Post-it notes, a memo on your home screen or a piece of paper taped to your bathroom mirror. If you don’t keep it at the front of your mind, it’ll drift to the back and get lost behind scheduling a pedicure and calling your mother.
  3. Plan. Over and over you hear the word ‘plan’ when it comes to business: Marketing Plan, Business Plan, Strategic Plan. Now combine all of them into a Strategic Business Marketing Plan to execute your resolution! Not only that, have a Follow-Up Plan to make sure you don’t have to repeat the same resolution next year, and can instead improve upon this year’s!
  4. Redo it. Maybe after reading through this, and other articles about business resolutions, you realize your resolution doesn’t quite hold up. Grant yourself a redo – we won’t tell anyone! Make it a goal that excites you and that will challenge you to better your business every day. Choose something that will have ongoing effects, not just a one and done achievement.

What other tips and tricks have helped you keep your resolutions? Share your successes in the comment section below!


About Hedy M. Ratner

Hedy M. Ratner is founder and co-president of the Women's Business Development Center, the largest, oldest and most comprehensive and successful women's business assistance center in the U.S. She blogs about entrepreneurship, working women, success stories, small business and more in “Windows to Business Success.”