5 Tips to Happiness


After working in a particular position for a good amount of time, it is easy to forget to make an effort to be happy at work. It is common that once we get comfortable with a particular role, position or routine, that we get bored. And being bored at work is not fun.

There are simple ways to find happiness in the small things. Little shifts in habits and perception can move mountains when it comes to happiness at work and in life.

Say “No” More Often
This is a big one. At some point, many of us became conditioned to believe that the more you take on, the more superwoman-like you are. That is a big fat lie. The more responsibilities, projects and deadlines we find ourselves attached to, the more we live in a world of being overwhelmed.

If you can simply learn to say “no” more often you will be available to say “yes” to the better opportunities. Then, you will be able to execute them with more ease, pleasure and efficiency. When you say “no” to a project or task that doesn’t contribute to your overall progress, you are creating space that welcomes the right projects that will produce the progress you want. When you are spending your energy on projects that produce your desired results, happiness is almost inevitable.

Celebrate Successes
Don’t wait for a promotion or retirement to celebrate. Implement a new celebration ritual for the daily successes. Whether it is good news from a client, completing a report before a deadline, giving a great presentation at a meeting or responding to all of your emails before 10am, do something that brings you positive energy and celebrate those successes.

Get Up and Move
If you sit at a desk for most of your workday, you can give yourself a natural energy boost by getting up and moving occasionally. By simply changing your physiology from a sitting position to walking around the office or down the street you will feel better and happiness is more likely to occur when you feel good.

Give Up Multitasking
Don’t bite my head off here. Just hear me out. Many, many studies have proven over and over the decline in efficiency when multitasking is involved. If there is a way to greatly decrease or eliminate multitasking, organize your time and focus on one task at a time you may be surprised at the positive results.

Practice Kindness
It is in giving that we receive. Practice small acts of kindness throughout your day and it is a guarantee to more shared smiles and happiness. Maybe give a coworker a genuine compliment on their outfit, presentation or good idea in the morning meeting. Or even make it a simple ritual to send a quick “thank you” email once a day to someone you appreciate.


About Kathleen Ventura

Kathleen Ventura is a life coach that helps amazing women get unstuck and live their dreams. She knows that for most women a good life isn't enough, so her work is focused on helping her clients create outstanding lives. You can learn more about her coaching on KathleenVentura.com and connect with her on Facebook.