A Dozen Ideas for Autumn Home Decorating


Autumn means parties, guests and family gatherings. Channel the look and feel of the season by adding fall touches to your home. These ideas from design professionals are easy and quick to do. Check out the photo gallery to see the finished decorations.

Acorns and Autumn. Create a wall grouping with fall flair by framing leaves, autumn colored paper and sentiments that celebrate the season. You can also add a temporary touch of fall to any flat-fronted frame by hot-gluing decorations.

Brown Paper Blossoms. Create large wall blossoms by cutting petals out of brown paper bags. Use museum putty to attach them to the wall in an organic pattern for a temporary, fun festive look.

Rustic Elements. Chippy, barnwood frames and a wreath made of red and rust-colored leaves add up to one fantastic, fall-inspired wall display.

Open Frames. Pumpkins and sheaths of wheat, backed by a display of open frames, have a decidedly fall feel with the addition of a dried artichoke wreath and family name initial.

Metallic Mirrors. Create warmth by spray painting inexpensive wood mirror frames with metallic spray paint. Hang in a grid pattern behind pumpkins and leaves for a contemporary-meets-traditional look.

Primitive Perfected. Distressed shutters and shelves make great backdrops and ledges for faux leaves and other autumn inspired décor.

Wall Words. Fill separate frames with letters that spell out autumn themed words, such as “fall,” “gather,” or “give thanks.”

Window Box. Attach a wooden box to the long side of an old window and fill with pumpkins, moss, fall flowers and berries from the craft store. Change out the floral elements seasonally for different looks.

Row of Wreaths. Embellish a row of mirrors with grapevine wreaths hung from autumn colored ribbon. Use a small tack at the top of each mirror to hold them in place for the season.

Kick Up the Drama. Set the stage for a chic fall get-together by layering rustic elements like a wooden tray topped with gourds, apples and birch bark vases. Add glamorous touches like gold-rimmed glass plates and votive candles in gold-tone lined bowls. Tightly bunched burgundy and chartreuse flowers pop against the room’s rich plum palette.

Create a Warm Welcome. Welcome guests to holiday gatherings with a beautifully decorated entry table. Place golden gingko and bittersweet branches in a large sculptural vase. Add pears in a clay bowl for reminders of the harvest.

Brighten Up Your Entry. Variegated croton in saturated shades of green, gold and red, surrounded by vibrant mums and pumpkins, gives a colorful pick-me-up to a front entry way. Both plants are perennials and can be transplanted to your garden to add color to your landscape.


About Karen Carpino

Karen Carpino is an interior designer and founder of Chicago-based Karen Carpino Design. A professionally registered interior designer with over 25 years of experience, Ms. Carpino's clientele includes both residential and commercial projects. She brings you techniques, trends and tips in “Style At Home.”