An Eye for Detail


Eyes. Songs have been sung about them, poems have been written – and for good reason. The first time you meet someone, you make eye contact. And for most women, their eyes are often their best feature. And, as we know, makeup can enhance our eyes dramatically.

Gigi Kane, regional sales director at Estée Lauder, is a fan of the “polished and defined look. It’s alluring and a bit flirty but not overdone,” she says.

Lining the lids is easier today than ever before, because of an array of new products with advanced technology. Liquid or pencil? “The jury’s still out,” says Ms. Kane, adding that gel or liquid liners give precision and long wear compared with the softer, smudgier look of pencil.  Keep in mind, though, that gel and liquid liners are much more difficult to apply.

As for eyebrows, if you’ve been blessed with the perfect brows, consider yourself on-trend. “Eyebrows are really, really big right now because they shape the eye,” explains Ms. Kane. But for those who aren’t as naturally gifted in the eyebrow department, you’re in luck: beauty counters are flooded with brow-shaping tools, liquid fillers and long lasting pencils. And when in doubt, seek the help of a pro.

Finally, go neutral on the rest of your makeup with just a hint of  lip color and a touch of blush to ensure that your eyes are the focal point. The result? He won’t be able to take his eyes off you.


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