Answers to Fresh Breath for the Holidays

Everyone dreads being that person with the bad breath. Most people chew gum to hide the odor, while others don’t even notice. Unfortunately, everyone around him or her has to suffer because people are too polite to mention to a coworker or friend that they have horrible breath. Maybe you are that very person who no one wants to get to close to. Well there are remedies to help refresh your breath and your social life!

There are two major groups of bad breath: temporary bad breath and chronic bad breath. Temporary bad breath occurs after eating certain foods that have a strong odor, such as garlic, onions, alcohol, and after smoking. These odors only last for a short period of time and are easily removed with a good brushing of the teeth or a gum cover-up.

Chronic bad breath is when someone constantly smells foul. Most people overestimate and think they suffer from chronic bad breath. The only way to know for sure is to ask a close friend or family member if you have bad breath. Using the mouth cupping method is not accurate. You can also scrape your tongue with a spoon and smell the drying residue. This still will not give you a good read on what your breath smells like. Just ask someone. It will allow them to tell you the truth without embarrassing you.

First, what causes that gnarly odor is quite simple. This horrible odor comes from anaerobic bacteria that live inside your mouth. Anaerobic means that these bacteria can survive with little to no oxygen. Actually, some anaerobic bacteria die from the presence of oxygen. Anaerobic bacteria thrive on the epithelial cells, the tissue inside your mouth. The main source of bad breath does not stem from the teeth, but in fact from deeper inside the mouth. Yes, in between the teeth can house the anaerobic bacteria, but the back portion of the tongue is the main culprit. The section of the tongue, which leads up to the throat, is where the unwanted bacteria really like to linger. Most people will brush their teeth and floss in hopes to prevent bad breath, but they do not attack the main source, the tongue.

The bacteria will build up on the tongue throughout the day caused by food remainders and nasal leakage.

You may notice worse breath when you are sick. This is because the nasal cavity empties out to the throat bringing with it more bacteria that settle on the tongue. There are many ways to help kill this unwanted odor. While brushing your teeth make it a routine to either brush your tongue or use a tongue scrapper to remove that layer of white residue. Also, bacteria can be found on the roof of your mouth. You can give that a quick scrub down as well. Flossing is always a need to do. Every single day ladies and gentlemen! After a full day of eating your teeth have collected food bits that cannot be brushed out with a toothbrush. You must use floss to remove the remaining food and plaque in between the teeth. Another great way to kill anaerobic bacteria is by using mouthwash. The alcohol in mouthwash will kill the bacteria and leave you with a fresh minty breath. Everyone can agree this is a much more pleasant smell.

Everything is based on healthy eating! Another common cause of chronic bad breath is due to GI problems. It may be caused by an imbalance of bacteria in your stomach. The gut is full of good and bad bacteria. If you have an excessive amount of bad bacteria harvesting in your stomach this may result in bad breath. If this is the case you should take probiotics. Probiotics are a good form of bacteria that will balance an ailing digestive system. You can find probiotics in yogurts and other foods, but there are also liquid and capsule supplements.

Along with taking probiotics, it is important that you drink eight classes of water a day. Staying hydrated is important for a fresh breath. A dry mouth is a stinky mouth. This is important because drinking water will help with a steady scheduled bowl movement. Drinking water and eating fibrous foods help clean the system of any decomposing food that remains stagnant in your stomach and intestines. The smell from these foods can actually travel up through the esophagus and out of your mouth. It’s very unpleasant, so drink your water and eat well! Drinking acidic drinks such as juices and coffees can also cause an imbalance in your digestive system, leading to bad breath.

With all the holiday parties you are attending in the next few weeks it is vital that you have refreshing breath. This may be especially important on New Year’s Eve when you are trying to find that special someone to kiss at midnight.

Tiffani Kim

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