Anthony Weiner Roasts the Future of Novelists


If this story wasn’t true, could it be a best-seller?

A politician leers at women, makes suggestive comments and regularly goes on Twitter exposing his erect penis in online sex chats to various women. His real name is Anthony Weiner – yes, Weiner. He’s a family man, has a young son and his ever-faithful wife stands solidly behind her man, even though he’s literally been caught with his pants down before. With his loyal wife at his side (who coincidentally works for former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton – remember Monica-gate?), he pleads through the media for forgiveness.

Within two years, he’s leading the polls in the New York City mayoral race. Ah, but the bounce-back is short lived – Anthony Weiner is caught sexting his wiener again. One woman he sexts goes by the alias Sydney Leathers. With her he uses the moniker Carlos Danger, which is trending on Twitter but enrages the Latino community. Loyal wife still stands by her man. However, feminists are now outraged. Late night TV has a feeding frenzy. Loyal campaign workers are shocked in disbelief. But a few remain loyal and belittle those who leave the campaign, resorting to a vulgar expletive-laced rant against one former intern that goes viral. A satirical campaign to draft alter ego Carlos Danger for New York mayor gets grassroots support. Now unless you’ve been trekking the Himalayas, you know all about this. So could this story, if it were totally fictional, become a best-seller? Probably not. Publishing houses would reject it, with the thought that the story line is simply too outrageous and cliché-ridden to become successful. And yet…


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