April Showers Bring Chic Powers


The rainy days are here. You know the saying: April showers bring May flowers. But why does rainy day fashion have to be so sad? Trench coats and umbrellas are always those murky earth colors, drawn from puddles underfoot instead of our imaginations. This spring, I propose an injection of color and pattern to perk up your Spring rain gear. I suspect it will improve your outlook – even if the forecast’s outlook hasn’t changed. Here are some styling ideas:

Pretty in Pastel. If it rains on Easter, you’re double prepared. I love this dusty rose colored bonded trench from Topshop ($220). It’s a reminder of the flowers you’re in store for. There is, after all, a payoff to these water-logged days.

Camo Motifs. Take the idea of ‘gear’ to the next level with a camo-print shell like this one from Old Navy ($42.94). Pair it with sweeter separates to create the right balance.

Yellow for All. That’s right. It’s not reserved just for kids. This lemon-lime, water-resistant topper from Tommy Hilfiger ($149), is a perfectly adult take on yellow.

Barely There. I have always loved the gimmick of a clear umbrella. It rejects the assertion that rain demands us to conceal ourselves away from one another. This option from Hunter ($48) with a stroke of Crayola color along the edge spreads cheer.

Over The Rainbow. This color spectrum umbrella ($35) from the MOMA store reminds everyone you pass to be on the lookout for rainbows.

Laces Up. I like the casual feel of a lace-up rain boot like these from Barney’s ($69), even if the lace is just a design flourish and not a functional detail. The ties invoke the idea of a proper shoe which is a nice act of defiance to the rain, and perhaps makes the boot a little easier to style with your regular clothes.

The Two-Fer. A genius invention. These Dav rainboots ($99) are made to look like your regular, upscale, leather riding boot. But it’s an illusion: they are actually made of waterproof, synthetic materials. No need to lug a separate pair of shoes with you to change into when you get to work; these serve function and style.



About Anne Langbein

As a former Manhattan-based women's apparel buyer for companies like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, Anne Langbein brings industry insight and styling experience to her fashion writing for TCW blog “Chic Chicago.” She has consulted as a stylist for individuals and corporations and is the creator of the popular fashion and beauty website Defining Delphine, a blog that seeks to inspire women as they define their personal style.