Baby, Be Bold


Malika Favre, a French illustrator living in London, creates bold and graphic pieces with not-so-subtle hints of sensuality. I find myself frequently visiting her website to discover new projects that she has created, and I am constantly in awe.

Ms. Favre’s work has the perfect balance between the use of positive and negative space. Heavily influenced by Parisian illustration, her work is the epitome of the city’s nickname: ‘City of Lights.’ Her work proves to be very enlightening while maintaining a sweet simplicity.  I’ve my eye locked on a few pieces to accompany its sexy undertones.

1. For bold colors and for the use of the positive and negative space, I’d start with a bright mandarin square pillow from The MCB Shop  along with a red and blue cross pillow from Jonathan Adler.

2. Ms. Favre’s illustration is heavy on the lines and the exploration of its relationship with other lines in the piece. Curvy and sharp, the lines decisively define the image. Much like the definitive lines in her work, the lines in this Botero coffee table from Jayson Home is on point.

3. Highlighting the sexuality and sensuality of Ms. Favre’s work really hits home with Jonathan Adler’s demure vase, Kiki’s Derriere, as we see that highlighting women and their curves is a recurring theme in her illustrations.

4. How can one talk about sexiness and sensuality without mentioning a headboard? The Hot Pink Lily headboard from Live.Like.You.  is boldness at its finest. Yes, please add that to the cart.

5. A fantastic headboard comes with an equally fantastic fainting couch to read all of the sweet love letters on, right? Or at least a soft reprieve for your body as you flounder over your bills that the postman just delivered (ah, but those new shoes were totally worth the pain!). Anthropologie’s Battersea Sofette in butterscotch tufted leather is dreamy, simple and rather saccharine.

6. Lastly, what I love about Ms. Favre’s work is that, as a woman, I see myself (or at least how I’d like to see myself) as displaying the same simplicity and elegance as depicted by the women in her illustrations. Or, at least I would remind myself that I surely do as I look in this Tempe mirror from Live.Like.You with this mantra, “Baby, be bold.”


About Maya-Camille Broussard

Maya-Camille Broussard is a curator and designer living in Chicago. Both her personal blog, The MCB Project and TCW, Blog Art Cart, focus on arts integration and interior design. Her online store, The MCB Shop, provides style for the home and style for the everyday life with housewares, vintage accessories and accoutrements for women and men.