Backstage at Glamorama 2014

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The magic of Macy’s is on full display every year at one of the most anticipated fashion events: Glamorama. And this year’s fete takes place Friday, August 8.

Started in 1992, this larger-than-life charity fashion show travels every year to Minneapolis, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles, mesmerizing audiences with stunning visuals, opulent ensembles and lavish sets. This year’s theme is Fashion Rocks, which successfully merges classic elegance with rock and roll spice. “The Glamorama stage look is pure Rock Star Couture…decadent, rebellious and reckless,” says Alex Sanchez, national makeup artist for Lancôme.

Besides to-die-for street style pieces from designers such as Calvin Klein and Diesel, stylists like RED 7 Salon co-owner David Kafer have prepared wickedly good hairstyles that are surprisingly easy to recreate. Kafer explains his five steps for the perfect forward braid pompadour…

Step 1: Prep dry hair with a medium hold pomade, like Kevin Murphy’s Night Rider. Apply aggressively and liberally in order to cover as much hair as possible. Rake it through with your fingers – avoiding using a brush or a comb – as you want the result to be disheveled and loose.

Step 2:  Keeping the head forward, take three medium sections of hair and begin your French braid. Continue weaving all the way up the back of the nape, through the round of the head until you run out of hair. Use a clear rubber band to clasp the ends of the braid. Remember, this can be as loose or as tight as you like.

Step 3: Gather the front rubber-banded section of your braid and begin to place the pompadour, or bun, off and away from the face. Your pompadour can sit symmetrical and high on the head, or you can create an asymmetrical front panel. Lock in the pompadour braid with a couple of bobby pins, crisscrossed for extra hold.

Optional: Using the metal section of a rat-tail comb, lightly place the metal piece in between each braided section and pull. Pull out tendrils in the neckline, as well as around the ears.  This will give it a more tousled rock and roll look.

Step 5: Once you have worked your magic, use a good, moldable hairspray like Kevin Murphy’s Session Spray to either further tousle the hair or to the lock in your creation. Either way, it will be a masterpiece!

Whether the look you’re striving for to complement this braided up do is edgy or sophisticated, Mr. Kafer is quick to offer these professional tips:

It’s a crime not to prime. Eye shadow primer is the makeup artist’s secret for crease-proof peepers that will survive the lights and controlled chaos backstage.

Get it wet. A wet brush goes a long way to prevent a ‘black eye’ from eye shadow fallout…especially on your upper eyelid.

Mascara before liner. This is my favorite tip for flawless eyeliner application for those who are eyeliner-challenged. Applying the mascara first creates a stiff platform at the base of the lash, allowing the eyeliner to glide on precisely and effortlessly.

So don’t miss out on the biggest event of the summer! Tickets range from $75-$1,000 with proceeds benefitting the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana. For more information visit

By Madeleine Ptacin


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