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Maggie and Annie Ford Danielson’s lives are brimming with beauty. Not only are they Benefit Cosmetics’ Global Beauty Authorities, they are also princesses of the beauty kingdom that is Benefit. Jean Ford, the girls’ mother, co-founded the beauty empire with their aunt Jane. “We always say we have Benetint going through our veins,” says Annie, referring to Benefit’s best-selling liquid tint for lips and cheeks. Maggie and Annie recently visited Benefit’s Southport boutique and shared some of their eyebrow expertise with TCW.

A Beautiful Beginning
Although, according to Annie, beauty has been their world since day one, Maggie and Annie joined Benefit officially in 2008 after Annie had graduated from college. The switch from being observers to active participants in the company has been a rewarding one, explains Maggie. “When we got here it felt like it was the most amazing fit. We’re still growing and finding our way through the company, and it’s been such a joy, but we know just automatically that this is where we’re supposed to be.”

“If you can’t fix it, fake it”
In the early days of Benefit, Jean and Jane created fix-its, products made to instantly solve beauty dilemmas. Today, the company is famous for its fake-its, based on the same instant-solution concept. For example, for dull, bland skin, Annie recommends That Gal, an instant brightening face primer containing light-reflecting pigments. Instantaneous solutions have been the underlying principle of Benefit from the start, notes Annie. Today, a client can walk up to one of Benefit’s Brow Bars without an appointment and, in about 15 minutes, emerge with great brows. “It’s all about that instant beauty solution,” says Annie.

Being Brow-Friendly
Maggie and Annie often encounter women who are wary of having their brows groomed. For some, it’s even a source of anxiety. “It’s kind of like the last beauty frontier,” remarks Maggie. “I think women will more likely wear a hot pink lip than touch their brows.” The reason is often that women have a preconceived notion that if they have their brows done, they will end up with skinny, severe-looking brows.

However, the Benefit brow process doesn’t allow for the unnatural. “We don’t just have one Benefit brow that we give every single woman that comes in,” affirms Annie. Benefit has conceived a process called Brow Mapping, in which the frame of the face is used to determine where the brows should start, where the arch should be and where the brows should end. Since no two women have exactly the same facial structure, no two women will leave with identical brows.

A Brow Haven
An eyebrow evolution begins with the brow service – waxing, threading or tweezing – performed by an aesthetician knowledgeable in all three services. In Benefit boutiques only, clients can choose to have their brows tinted, a quick process using customizable dyes that are specially formulated for use around the eyes.

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