Beauty in the Benefit Brow


After the brow services, the client gets a touch up makeup application so that she leaves looking fresh and put together. The aesthetician also teaches the client how to take care of her brows at home. At times, clients enter the salon who have over-tweezed brows. In these instances, says Annie, “we’ll sit you down and say come back to us in six weeks and don’t touch anything at all. We’re not in the business of waxing just for waxing’s sake. We really want your brows to be where you want them to be. It’s a whole process.”

The New Kid on the Block
Benefit’s newest product, The Perk-Up Artist, is “the ultimate fake-it,” shares Maggie. The kit consists of cover, conceal and correct – a perfect trio for mid-day touch ups. Use the yellow corrector to hide discoloration, like blue tones underneath the eyes. The cover is great for disguising dark circles and blemishes, while the brightener, when worn in the inner corners of the eyes, makes the eyes appear bright and fatigue-free. The three miracle complexion correctors can be worn separately but are doubly impactful when worn in conjunction with the others.

Eyebrow 101
For brow grooming novices, Annie recommends first talking to one of Benefit’s skilled aestheticians to become more comfortable with the grooming process. The next step is to start using one or more of Benefit’s core brow fake-its. One such core product is High Brow, worn right underneath the eyebrows to hide stray hairs and give a lifted look to the brows. Another option is Brow Zings, a product that comes with a pigmented wax to shape the eyebrows and a natural-colored powder to set them. The kit also comes with two brushes and mini tweezers. The most basic, says Annie, is the Instant Brow Pencil. “This pencil is super unique because it’s a combination of wax and powder,” she explains. “It’s not just like a normal hard pencil – its actually really creamy.”

By Michelle Phelan

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