Bernard Plossu’s “Mexico”


French photographer Bernard Plossu was born in Dalat, South Vietnam, in 1945 and studied photography in Paris. His images are of people, their lives and their environments. There’s a certain ease in his photography that draws the eye to the authenticity of the poses his subjects give us.

Mr. Plossu traveled to France, Mexico, Africa and India for his work. In 1970, while traveling in India, he developed a style known as ‘surbanaliste,’ which is like surrealism (works that feature an element of surprise and unexpected juxtaposition) but less romantic.

With Plossu’s “Mexico” (created in 1966), I’m inspired by the transparency, slight elements of surrealism and demureness that is emitting from this piece to add a few items to my Art Cart.

1. An acrylic trunk used as a side table is the perfect piece to ‘hide’ everything you wish every one to see. Much like a fitted A-line skirt, you can show your every curve while still keep the imagination of your admirers running wild.

2. Many people say that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. I say that what’s outside is just as important. After “hiding” your secrets inside of the acrylic trunk, dress it with impressive hardcovers. I’m currently loving New African Fashion, Fashion: 100 years of Couturiers, Designers, Labels, National Geographic Simply Beautiful Photographs and Mil Besos: 1000 Kisses as books any bibliophile would fanatically to add to their collection

3. After all of my books are arranged, I must find the perfect vase to sit on top of the stack. There is no place that is more transparent or revealing than home. These limited edition Fabrica vases in the shape of round huts with chimney stem holders is a perfect finishing touch for our tabletop tableau.

4. Its hard to miss this vintage feline especially since its crouching and plotting its revenge for being left at home an entire 4 hours with no food or water. The travesty! Luckily, this kitty is forever encased in brass as a sculpture-perfect whimsical homage to the cat featured in Plossu’s photo.

5. While the brass feline gets no food or water, the real felines in our lives are treated to luxury with this Habitat 11 Cat Home by Sarah Chou. This cat home is a short walk to the beach, er, to the sunny part of the floor perfect for working on a tan. This chic and modern cat home is a practical accessory with an unexpected and uncanny similarity to human homes

6. Humans have to be pampered as well, and the ease and effortlessness of Plossu’s photograph makes this Oliver sofa and chaise the perfect luxury item. Black and white pairs extremely well with a pop of mustard yellow (and yes, that includes black and white photographs!).

7. In all of its simplicity, the featured photograph still manages to demonstrate texture. To pair this handmade wool Nesta shag rug with the Oliver sofa is an inevitable match made in interior design heaven.


About Maya-Camille Broussard

Maya-Camille Broussard is a curator and designer living in Chicago. Both her personal blog, The MCB Project and TCW, Blog Art Cart, focus on arts integration and interior design. Her online store, The MCB Shop, provides style for the home and style for the everyday life with housewares, vintage accessories and accoutrements for women and men.