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Orewa_College_student_Anzac_Day_parade Millennials Need Finance Education
By Susan Carr-Templeton

We’ve all heard stories about the Millennial generation and how its members owe a lot of student loan debt and have trouble leaving their parents’ nest. The Financial Industry Regulatory…

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EBF863GW Refinancing a Mortgage Has Gotten Easier
By Susan Carr-Templeton

Thought you couldn’t refinance? Think again. Mortgage lenders are finally beginning to soften the restrictions they had imposed on mortgage lending, whether it is buying a new home or refinancing…

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beachfront_home_gogoimages Vacation Home Rentals: The Landlord’s Perspective
By Susan Carr-Templeton

Summer is here, and it is the season for vacation rentals. So what are the pros and cons of renting out your second home for a little cash? Renting out…

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