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Vivian Arpino’s At-Home Blow-Drying Tips

-Before you begin styling, you have to get at least 20 to 30 percent of the moisture out of your hair. If it’s soaking wet, it’s going to take forever to blow-dry. And let’s face it, what woman has time these days to spend hours blow-drying her hair in the morning?

-You must section off your hair. Working with a whole head of hair, no matter how thick or thin, is too much for one go. Use a comb and section hair into four different parts.

-It’s not about the right product. It’s about the type of blow-dryer. The hair should be clean, and the blow-dryer should be extremely hot. After you’re done, applying a little oil or spray to calm down frizz is okay, but only after you’ve finished blow-drying your tresses.

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