Catching up with Coco Meers

Coco Meers

Coco Meers caught TCW’s attention last year when she launched, a complimentary ‘beauty concierge’ for professional women in Chicago, and was nominated for our “100 Women To Watch” feature. Since then, the burgeoning business has evolved into the beauty resource for time-conscious women, linking over 2,000 city-dwellers to last-minute beauty services in 80 of the city’s salons and spas.

“We take the work out of finding/booking a last-minute beauty appointment. We’re perfect when you have an hour or two,” says Ms. Meers, “because a meeting fell off your calendar or your nanny can stay for a few more hours that day.” Members simply visit, enter a preferred service, time and location, and receive a list of available salons and spas. Each option has been personally vetted by Ms. Meers or one of PrettyQuick’s four other expert beauty editors. Here, Ms. Meers shares some of her favorite end-of-summer beauty services. M.P.

Maxine Salon
712 North Rush Street
“A classic in town – there’s a female, a very strong female behind this company. It’s Maxine in the Gold Coast. And Maxine has recently launched a braid bar. So, it’s like a step beyond blow-dry bar. You can go in and for $30 and 30 minutes they will literally sculpt these really beautiful updos using braids. Maxine actually sent her team to go get trained on all these braid techniques. They look very sophisticated and elegant–it’s not like a little girl braid. They’re very beautiful, really like works of art that they’re doing really quickly on dry hair. It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s elegant and it gets your hair out of your face. You can sleep on it and it’s a really easy way to save time and look pulled together and stay cool.”

1308 West Madison Street
“One of our favorite skin care places, this is a very small boutique in the West Loop. There’s a sole proprietor, also a female, Dayna DeLaurentis, who’s the skin care guru behind Exfolē8. She’s extremely, extremely, extremely thorough. She creates a custom facial for every single person that she sees. She takes her time. She analyzes skin. She’s very scientific and knows exactly, down to the molecular structure, what she’s putting on the skin, why and how. I highly recommend some of her peels, especially during the summer months to try to mitigate some of the damage.”

Spa Space
161 North Canal Street
One of our favorite Loop spots is Spa Space. They have a peppermint pedicure.In the summer when it’s hot and you’re traipsing around in sandals, your feet are dirty and there’s no getting away from the heat, the cooling peppermint is totally amazing. I’m a big fan. I think it’s one of the nicest spas in the heart of the Loop. It’s been around for a couple decades now – it’s a real icon.”

Glamour Girl Airbrush Tan
1 East Delaware Place, Suite 215
“I don’t ever go outside without a ton of SPF on. I have very, very pale skin. So if I want a little bronze and a little boost these days I’m just doing it the sunless way. There’s a really great airbrush tanning studio in the Gold Coast, right above Salon Buzz, called Glamour Girl. Ryan is the owner, and she and her business partner are just upbeat and extremely professional and fastidious. They will never ever have you leaving orange or streaked-looking.They will coach you on how to take care of your tan, how to not spoil your clothes, how to come in with the proper skin before you get it.They are just very professional, and I think if you’re going to go down the sunless route you don’t want to mess with anybody who’s not. They also have this little boutique in their space, so while you’re waiting or while you’re getting ready to leave you can browse. They’ve got some great costume jewelry and just some fun things to wear out during the summer.”

Lincoln Park Massage Spa
630 West Webster Avenue
“They have a very, very talented team of professionals who give thorough therapeutic, knowledgeable, thoughtful massages. If you’re out running on the lake or out doing whatever you’re doing and you need some physical relief I highly recommend it.”


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