Chicago’s Ideal Mayor Would…

  1. Take strong action against Chicago’s violent crime rate, not just give it lip service.
  2. Move to an inner-city neighborhood to see firsthand what it’s like.
  3. Not use taxpayer dollars to fly around the country raising campaign dollars and polishing his/her image.
  4. Send his/her children to public schools.
  5. Commission a statue or name a significant monument after Jane Byrne, Chicago’s first female mayor, who currently receives no public recognition.
  6. Put into place a real pension fix.
  7. Eliminate taxpayer-funded bodyguards of those city employees who clearly don’t need them.
  8. Take a pass on partnering with House Speaker Michael Madigan to pony up $100 million – plus interest – in state funds to lure the Obama presidential library to Chicago.
  9. Actually do something about the declining middle class in Chicago.
  10. Be passionate about Chicago so its citizens would believe the job wasn’t just a stepping-stone to the White House.

About Sherren Leigh

Sherren Leigh is president and founder of Today's Chicago Woman and Today's Chicago Woman Foundation. She muses about life - the good, the bad, the ugly - and anything else that's on her mind in “Girl Talk.” Sometimes funny, other times serious, she's always thought-provoking and often controversial.