Clarins’ Guide to a Fresh Fall Face


The perfect lip for fall is one of two things. It’s a red lip – a blooming, bittersweet shade – or a dusty nude lip with the slightest suggestion of pink. You can’t go wrong with either, says Clarins Beauty Expert Christopher Truffa, who recommends going “dusty and nude or red and bold, keeping that fresh-faced look.” Mr. Truffa recently visited Nordstrom’s Michigan Avenue flagship to share some of his fall beauty recommendations.

If you choose to go au naturel, try applying the lip color with a lip brush. Using a lipstick straight from the tube can overwhelm the lips with pigment, says Mr. Truffa. A nude lip is best achieved with several light coats, which is made easy with a lip brush. “You’ll also get a little bit longer wear out of it,” he says. “You’ll get a more consistent look for your fashion look if you don’t have to keep reapplying.” Using a brush also gives you the opportunity to easily layer several colors, as is often done by makeup artists.

In most magazines, says Mr. Truffa, you’ll spot a model wearing a lip color that you love. “You go, ‘Gosh, I want that color! What color is that?’ But really it’s more like two or three different colors. It’s always about that layered look.” In Mr. Truffa’s demonstration, he used the nude version of the Instant Light Lip Perfector with a light coat of a coral lipstick to achieve a perfect dusty pink lip.

For the eyes, says Mr. Truffa, drama is paramount. Start the day with a rich smoky eye. Then, just before you leave the office for the day, simply apply a liquid liner to the base of the top eyelashes. Mr. Truffa demonstrated this “cubicles to cocktails” application with Clarins’ 3-dot eyeliner, which has an innovative 3-pronged applicator that fills in the space between each lash. To create even more drama, use an eyeliner and “with a flick of the wrist, work from the end of the eye upward toward the end of the brow” to create the perfect cat eye.

With several fall beauty trends to choose from, the potential combinations are many. Try a smoky eye with a red lip, a cat eye with a nude lip, a smoky cat eye with a light coral lip, or a medley of your own making. This fall, the beauty possibilities are as endless as those summer days of months past.

By Michelle Phelan


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