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Getting organized always tops the list for one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. So, why not make 2013 the year to tidy up?

TCW chats with Ashley Murphy and Molly Graves, co-founders of NEAT Method, a company that specializes in professional organization.

How did NEAT Method get started? We met while shopping in San Francisco. Over a cup of coffee, we quickly learned that we not only shared a hometown of Chicago, but also an obsession with organizing. We realized there was a real need for a fresh and innovative take on organizing one’s home. Hence, the NEAT Method was developed.

If your living space is unorganized, where do you start? Hands down, the kitchen. Even if you aren’t making gourmet meals you’re probably making multiple stops in your kitchen each day. We find that life’s daily routines become a lot easier just from an organized kitchen and will often carry into other rooms of your home.

Share a few easy tips. First, identify the areas of your home that bring you the most anxiety due to disorder. Purge items you no longer use or have multiples of. Then, categorize everything and place it in groups so you’re able to see everything you have. Likely if you can’t see it, you aren’t using it and more than likely can donate or consign it.

How do you motivate people to get organized? We often encourage people that they will live a healthier life just by organizing their home. They’ll be more inclined to eat healthier, exercise more and even shop less. Since their closets look so beautiful they can actually see that they don’t need another black blazer to go with the five that are currently hanging.

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