Couples’ Acupuncture Brings Lovers Closer


Last month, I wrote a post about the preventive value of acupuncture, which uses hair-thin needles to affect and balance the flow of Qi (pronounced chee’), or ‘vital energy’ in the body. But in honor of Valentine’s Day and lovers everywhere, I’ve got a new proposition: Why not use acupuncture to get closer to each other?

We’ve all heard of couples’ massage, where the two are simultaneously attended to by therapists working in the same room. Well, the same principle applies here – but instead of merely relaxing, the couple receives acupuncture at the same time to help balance their energies, boost their personal connection and enhance their relationship.

A quick primer, in case you don’t know how acupuncture works. A trained practitioner inserts needles at specific points along the body’s energy pathways (called ‘meridians’) to restore the body’s proper energy flow.

When the Qi is flowing in harmony, the body is naturally in a state of good health; when it’s not, Qi can become obstructed, throwing the whole system out of balance. What acupuncture does is that stimulates specific areas on the body associated with “out-of-balance” organ functions and their pathways to bring back balance.

For guidance on how this works for couples, I talked to Caroline Jung, L.Ac,. MSOM, a board-certified acupuncturist at the Tiffani Kim Institute Medical Spa. At our facility, couples can relax in a dimly-lit room where treatment tables are covered in plush red blankets and fresh flowers adorn the space, creating a romantic feel. Couples are welcome to talk while the acupuncturist administers the treatment – which Caroline says “makes it an even better experience. It really enhances it because you’re sharing what you’re feeling with the other person.”

The acupuncturist focuses on opening the flow of the ‘heart channel,’ which corresponds with joy, and the ‘liver channel,’ which corresponds with anger and stress. Caroline says, “When you reduce the stress, it relaxes all the muscles. Working on channels that traverse the reproductive areas of the body” and also bring real benefits to couples. But don’t worry – those needles get inserted into the legs, hands and earlobes, but nowhere near the genitals!

So what benefits will you get? Increased overall blood circulation. Increased Qi flow. And better regulation of the body’s hormones. All these enhance and support the body’s reproductive system, and when these are regulated and in balance, couples are likely to have optimal fertility and an enhanced libido. Perfect timing for Valentine’s Day, I say! If clients want, they can follow this joint acupuncture session with a couples’ massage to continue the shared relaxation experience.

“What it does is opens up your mind and your spirit,” Caroline says. “Sometimes when a relationship is a little rocky, it’s because there’s a door closed. Acupuncture will help open the doors and let the energy flow freely through your spirit and your heart. It helps you connect with yourself, not just another person.”

Looking for a different way to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Consider couples’ acupuncture as a way to balance your energies and boost your personal connection to each other.

Couples’ acupuncture can bring lovers closer by balancing their energies


Tiffani Kim

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