Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas For Your Home

Have you noticed the proliferation of pink and red colors in the retail displays of almost every store, market and restaurant lately? For Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to bring the pink and red colors that signify the heart into your home. What’s more fun than to surround you and your loved ones with visual reminders of love for more than a day? These ideas and photos are a start for you to get your creative spirit in the Valentine mood. One axiom of many professional interior designers is to add a touch of red to every room in a home for pizzazz!

- Drape a ledge or mantle with red garland.
- Place Valentine candy in a various size glass candy jars on a cocktail table.
- Use red placements and table runner on your dining table.
- Hang red ornaments from a chandelier.
- Add red throw pillows on your bed.
- Frame images of love in matching frames to create a gallery in a powder room.
- Take out your artificial Christmas tree and decorate it with Valentine hearts.



About Karen Carpino

Karen Carpino is an interior designer and founder of Chicago-based Karen Carpino Design. A professionally registered interior designer with over 25 years of experience, Ms. Carpino's clientele includes both residential and commercial projects. She brings you techniques, trends and tips in “Style At Home.”