El Ideas: A Dining Adventure in an Unconventional Manner

El Ideas is not new, but it is still quite a unique and most exciting experience! Dubbed a “micro-restaurant,” El Ideas stands for “elevated ideas in cuisine and dining.” The white tablecloths in the tiny seating area give the first hint of the scale of the cuisine. We love the BYOB policy and the servers’ savvy about pairing your wines to the dishes, most of which you wouldn’t have known about when you selected your wines. A sparkler, a medium bodied white, or a rose followed by a lighter red, such as a Pinot Noir (the one we opted for), can make a nice progression.

You can see the pictures of the elaborate presentations below. Each flavor, herb, sauce, bit and crunch on the plates is interesting and intriguing, not to mention delish. It’s fun to go back, since you’ll always be surprised by the menu. Let me know about your experience, please. I welcome your comments.


About Laura Levy Shatkin

Laura Levy Shatkin served for 10 years as food and wine critic for the Chicago Reader. Later, she became an Emmy-nominated executive producer for Taste, a 30-minute food and wine show on NBC-5 Chicago, which later merged into www.WineTasteTV.com, where Ms. Levy is a partner/owner. Today, she teaches private wine classes and hosts wine parties for consumers and firms, and continues to tell the video stories of wine, girlfriends and wine travel on her TCW blog, Wine…ing Women.