Factor 75 Delivers Health and Wellness

Nick Wernimont

April is National Physical Wellness Month and Chicago-based Factor 75 is ready to deliver healthy meals to your front door. Exercise alone won’t help you lose weight – eating a nutritious meal also makes a difference. Nick Wernimont, founder/CEO of Factor 75, suggests exercise and well-balanced performance eating. He explains, “Factor 75 is based on the idea that nutrition and eating healthy shouldn’t be a hassle or after-thought. Rather, our meals are crafted to give individuals an option for optimizing their lives by making eating healthy convenient and enjoyable.”

Mr. Wernimont says Factor 75 is different from other healthy meal delivery companies for a variety of reasons: “Factor 75 offers 20 different meals (changing seasonally) with a daily-recommended intake of calories based on optimal levels of complex carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fat and micronutrients. And Factor 75′s price point is $10.95 for medium portions and $12.95 per large portions. Bonus – free delivery within Chicago’s city limits.” Very affordable. No more days of shopping at the grocery store and spending your entire paycheck, a.k.a. Whole Paycheck.

And the options are plenty, including a detox salad, butternut squash lasagna (pasta-free, paleo-friendly, gluten-free and dairy-free), and comfort food such as meatloaf with sautéed spinach and almond crusted salmon – all created with input from doctors, nutritionists, trainers and chefs. And what, exactly, does ‘paleo-friendly’ mean? Mr. Wernimont explains, “A paleo-friendly diet includes eliminating processed foods and highly cultivated plants that contain anti-nutrients, such as gluten in wheat and avenin in oats.”

When he isn’t working on building and improving Factor 75, Mr. Wernimont participates in mixed martial arts, boxing, wake boarding, snow boarding, sky diving and kite surfing.


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