Family Trip to the Titanic Muesum

The grand opening of the Titanic Museum in Branson, MO.

Going on a family trip is a great opportunity for bonding, relaxing and learning! While we were pulling into Branson, it’s hard not to notice the exterior of the Titanic Museum. Right away the girls were asking about it so we figured it would be a great chance to check it and see for ourselves what we were missing.

When we first arrived we were all handed a boarding pass, a dial-in speaker that you put around your neck and the kids were also given a scavenger hunt card. The boarding pass tells you which class passenger you are, (first, second or third) and a little about yourself. At the beginning of the tour the guide explains what each class meant, and as you are touring the museum you learn bits and pieces not only about the ship itself but about the people, animals and pets that were on board as well. At the end of the tour you learn if your passenger lived or died. If you survived, you see a photo and learn about what they did after that dreadful day.

The kids had a few questions to find the answers to which was exactly what our 7 and 8 year old were looking for. It kept them interested and had them reading everything in sight.  After finding out how many dogs were on board, (10), where was the Titanic built? How cold was the water the night the Titanic sank? How long did it take the ship to sink? and various other facts that I don’t remember learning about in school.

The hands-on exhibits were also pretty impressive. They had a few ship decks on angles so you could literally feel what it was like to be on board a sinking ship. They also had a tub of water that was freezing; to match the exact temperature of the water at the time people were riding in small wooden rescue boats. We know they were small after sitting in one just like it at the museum.  The kids loved the hands on opportunities and really enjoyed speaking with the guides; they dress in the period attire and are a wealth of information!

While my girls are all young (8,7, 5 and 4) they had a great time. My oldest was the one asking all of the questions, and was very interested in learning about the survivors. It is a must see if you are either in Branson, or happen to be traveling in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (same owners!).  Either way, plan on spending a few hours at the museum, and I promise you won’t regret it!

If you aren’t able to make the trip just yet, the website has trivia downloads and lots of information that your kids might enjoy checking out from home. Just click here.

Christine Bachman

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