Fashion 2011 Covers all Bases


This past winter, I pretty much shopped my closet. I rediscovered long forgotten stuff and even found a funky skirt fabricated with denim jean waistbands in a herringbone pattern, probably from the ’60s and it still fit!. But now, like most women, I’m tired of winter wear and really looking forward to springs’ fresh fashions.

So I checked out the February fashion magazines and for the most part they all reported on the same spring/summer fashion trends. And guess what? Designers embraced retro, inspired by the ’60s, and ’70s – yes, the era of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. If I’d only held onto all those hippie duds and mini skirts! For this fashion flashback, we can soon expect to see tie-dye prints; wear-your-shades fluorescent color; lace, sequins, metallics; macramé and crochet – and that’s just on the men. Fashion-forward women will ramp it up with an eye toward seductive simplicity – call it sassy chic. Black will be banished, unless you accessorize with bright, bold color.

Truly, fashion designers got a lesson in economics and to move merchandise, they covered all the bases. You absolutely cannot make a fashion faux pas this season. Girly, swirly skirts, drawstring waists, checks, plaids, stripes, accordion pleating, big cat animal prints, floral flower power, maxi/mini…and whatever isn’t on this list is surely in the stores. You name it and a designer is already showcasing it. What’s interesting is that even the old money Ivy League look was also thrown into the mix. It will be interesting to see what ‘new’ trends emerge for 2012, because after what’s being shown this season, there’s nothing left!


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