Fertility Boot Camp


Being a mom is one of the most fulfilling roles in a woman’s life. But when she and her partner have trouble conceiving or carrying a new life to term, she may wonder if – or when – she’ll get to experience the joy of cuddling her very own child.

We all know women who, for one reason or another, are burdened with fertility issues. Some of the stories are just heartbreaking. You wish more than anything that with a hug and a smile you could make these women’s dreams come true.

But we know it takes more than just empathy. Expertise also can help—and that’s why we held “Fertility Boot Camp: Whip Your EGGS Into Shape!” in late January. This one-day retreat at the Tiffani Kim Institute Medical Spa is designed for a relatively small group of women, one that will bond over the hours and learn to both calm their minds and open their hearts. During this holistic retreat, they learn what they need to know – and do – in order to raise their reproductive capacity and the possibility of getting pregnant and carrying to term.

Fertility issues aren’t just medical or physical. They also impact a woman’s (and her partner’s) emotional and spiritual well-being, and Fertility Boot Camp approaches reproductive issues by addressing everything from nutrition to exercise and fitness to endocrinology. The more women know, the better able they are to face the challenges that come from trying to conceive and start families.

The Saturday session offers women information all about acupuncture from Jeanie Lee Bussell, L.Ac. Dipl. OM., MSOM, one of TKI’s amazing staff acupuncturists and one of the Midwest’s top specialists in the treatment of infertility. With the most amazing gentle manner, she’s also the co-author of Fully Fertile: 12-Week Holistic Plan for Optimal Fertility. Also sharing her expertise at Boot Camp is Caroline Jung, L.Ac,. MSOM, another board-certified acupuncturist at TKI.

Nutritional well-being is a key component when women want to conceive, so nutritionist Clare Sente, MS, R.D., and Chef Jill Souk teach women about ‘healing foods,’ those that not only will make their bodies healthier but that will boost female fertility but ALSO contribute to the sperm health of their partners! The Boot Camp features a ‘fertility-friendly,’ anti-inflammatory lunch of wheat-free, sugar free and gluten free fare designed to enhance fertile capacity.

Susan Lipshutz, LCSW, addresses things from an integrative psychotherapy perspective. I love that she’s not only trained in Western medicine but adds elements of cross-cultural spiritual practices to help women empower and love themselves during this trying time.

During the eight-and-a-half hour session, we als incorporate yoga and meditation and other activities designed to ready these women’s bodies, minds and spirits for optimal fertility.

And things get sexy around lunchtime when we bring in certified personal trainer and fitness instructor Jen Dixon to help women get in touch with their sensual sides through movement. She explains how exercise really can be part of a fertility-enhancing routine, and introduces the ladies to hip-shaking salsa and meringue, as well as sensual belly dance moves that awaken us all to the wonder of femininity and womanhood.

If this sounds like fun, it is. Really, Fertility Boot Camp”is all about nurturing and honoring the woman—not as a baby-maker, but as a wonderful human being who wants to share her love. We’ll be hosting an encore presentation again soon, and hope you’ll consider coming or sharing news about it with fertility-challenged women you know.

Tiffani Kim

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