Finding Out; Boy or Girl?

It's a boy!

It’s been four years since my youngest daughter was born. A lot has changed since then, including the new craze for gender reveal parties. I haven’t been following them too closely. At least, not until recently.

I have four girls. My second husband Brian adores them and made promises to love them like his own at our wedding. Now we are expecting baby #5 and the girls couldn’t be happier. When it came time for the ultrasound, Brian said he’d like to find out what we were having. I’ve gone both ways before – being surprised and finding out – so I was all for finding out but wanted to somehow include the girls. That’s when I looked further into gender reveal parties.

While surfing Pinterest and a few blogs, I read about the good, the bad and the ugly. I was a little reluctant, feeling like I should save the big surprise for the birth. But once we were in the doctor’s office getting the sonogram with our parents texting and eagerly waiting on our call, I knew that a gender reveal was the way to go. This way everyone is involved at the same time.

Once confirming the baby was healthy and everything was well, we asked for the results to be placed in a sealed, padded envelope (I don’t trust myself!). My husband and I then rushed the envelope straight to Konrad’s Bakery.

Claudia, Konrad’s assistant, was ready and waiting for the envelope. I called ahead, telling her about this idea, and they were more than willing to accommodate our ‘rush’ order by having the cupcakes pre-made, ready for the pink for ‘girl’ filling or blue for ‘boy’  filling. They put the filling through the top and covered it with delicious chocolate moose frosting.

I quickly caught the party bug and texted my whole family to invite them over for the big reveal. They couldn’t say yes that they were coming quick enough and I was already on my way to purchase pink and blue streamers, pink and blue plastic tablecloths and balloons in both pink and blue.

With four girls I’m so used to pink, and honestly any excuse to throw a party.

My sister Jennifer Kleinschmidt (the professional photographer in our family) had her camera in hand ready to capture this fun moment. My in-laws were anxiously waiting on the other end of the laptop (Skype from Florida) along with my parents, grandmother, sister, brother in law, niece, nephew, babysitter and four girls surrounding the kitchen table. Brian and I passed out the cupcakes and at the same time, we all bit in.

Well, I took a bite…my husband on the other hand cracked his wide open to see what was inside. He caught my expression as my eyes widened, and I before I knew it I had cupcake smashed all over my face revealing the blue inside.  I was so elated I didn’t care. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw blue.  A BOY, REALLY?!?

Looking back I wouldn’t want to find out any other way. The big sisters are all excited, even though my younger two voted ‘girl’. And everyone got to enjoy a delicious treat!

Christine Bachman

About Christine Bachman

Christine Bachman is founder and president of Plan It PR, a public relations and marketing firm. The mother of five shares tips and survival stories in “Play Dates and Power Lunches.” Ms. Bachman started working public relations after a long career in broadcast journalism, which included work as a television anchor, reporter and producer.