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Hedge Fund Controller, Paralegal, Analyst, Web Designer, Head of Business Development, Executive Assistant are just a few of the hundreds of jobs available to qualified candidates right now.

The best part is the company is specifically looking for moms in need of flexible work. Mom Corps, is a job board and resource website that connects moms to family friendly positions with work from home options, as well as full-time and part-time positions. It helps busy parents fit working into their work/life balance.

“I was climbing the corporate ladder, working downtown, had my son then tried balancing it all,” says Leanne Berry, Chicago-based mom of three. “Then I decided part-time was better than no time. I always wanted to keep a foot in the game. I worked as an independent consultant and then I heard about Mom Corps on the Today show and from a lot of press. The founders’ story was very similar to mine, trying to balance everything.”

Mom Corps’ CEO Allison O’Kelly expanded opportunities by franchising, hosting seminars on social media and creating a series of other tips found on her website.

On the website, Ms. O’Kelly and her Mom Corps’ team explain what flexibility is according to them:

We define flexibility as it relates to Time, Place, & Duration.

Time: Modified hours. Modified work week. Part-time.
Place: Telecommute some days. Virtual. No required travel. Short Commute.
Duration: Permanent. Temporary. Project-based. Seasonal.

With franchise offices located throughout major cities in the U.S., they partner with the nation’s leading Fortune 500 Companies, small to mid-size businesses, academic institutions and non-profits. According to the website, the company has access to more than 80,000 candidates nationwide that are looking to be placed in full time flexible, part-time, project-based and seasonal positions.

“I came back to the site a year and a half ago and saw jobs in Atlanta but not in Chicago,” explains Ms. berry, who is mom to a sixth grader and twins in fourth grade. “I always wanted to do something entrepreneurial, and I get it, so I decided to call them up. They moved to a franchise model and since I feel passionate about it I look to be a resource in Chicago.”

“We are finding in a lot of the studies that it’s a huge tangible to work from home , telecommute or project work for a set duration of time,” adds Ms. Berry, who says her new passion is helping other moms like herself find quality jobs that will work into their family life. The best part is that it’s free for moms looking for jobs, so post your resume on the site and explore the free listings.

And if you’ve been out of the workforce for a while, check out the blog where they give tips on resume writing, and enhance your skills. “Many moms re-entering the work force do not realize that being the PTA President, organizing fundraisers and volunteering in leadership rolls are excellent resume builders,” observes Ms. Berry. So if you are looking for a position as a web designer, administrator, law proffession or any of the hundreds of jobs in many different industries, you may not have to give up carpooling neighborhood kids, organizing the school book drive or volunteering for the PTA.



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