Fireplaces Warm Home and Heart

Although it’s still summer, it’s never too late to start thinking about installing a fireplace, especially when the weather is warm and you may have some extra time to do it! Fireplaces do much more than just heat your house. A focal point for gatherings of family and friends, a fireplace draws guests within its circle. Your fireplace takes center stage in your home by its design and location. It can express your style of living, whether formal or casual.

In the widening search for alternatives to scarce and expensive fuels in home heating, a growing number of homeowners are discovering the advantages of heating with a fireplace. Fireplaces, designed for efficiency and used correctly, can spread their warmth over your home.

Technically, fireplaces heat in two different ways, radiation and convection. The type of heater you have determines its heating effectiveness. Radiation is the direct transmission of energy in the form of infrared rays; these rays heat objects they strike, although they don’t contribute to heating the air space in between. Convection is the movement of heat through air or fluids. When the air is heated, it rises, setting up convection currents that circulate the air.

The latest introduction is the EcoSmart Fire innovation. It is an environmentally friendly open fireplace. The EcoSmart Fire is flueless and does not require any installation or utility connection for fuel supply, with makes it ideal for just about any architectural environment, such as highrise buildings. It is fueled by renewable modern energy and denatured ethanol, burns clean and is virtually maintenance free. I really like this system, as it features remarkable design flexibility, versatility and choice.







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