Fusion Fitness


Keep it fresh and fun by mixing up your workouts.

Soon we’ll be settling into winter, a time when workouts lessen and waistlines widen. But rather than plan for the inevitable winter weight gain apocalypse, why not plan better? Prepare with fun, challenging workouts you’d have a hard time missing no matter the weather. Fusion fitness classes at Sixpax, Indigo Studio and Zen Yoga Garage round up some of the best of cardio, strength, yoga, Pilates and dance in just one workout.

Cardiolates at Sixpax
With one of the most motivating studio names, Sixpax livens up your standard Pilates class with cardio elements that might surprise you. Cardiolates is a powerhouse class combining core strengthening and postural alignment of Pilates that includes rebounding off a small trampoline or rebounder. “You get the perfect mix of posture work, core work and cardio to make it a well-balanced workout,” explains owner Fayth Caruso. “We teach students how to properly and efficiently execute exercises using the deeper muscles in the body, as well as provide modifications for various injuries and limitations,” she says. Cardiolates also goes beyond just getting you into shape; this class improves circulation, your immune system, core and even bone density. 1234 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 200

Yoga Booty Ballet at Indigo Studio
Indigo Studio is best known for signature dance fusion fitness classes. “We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of classes, so whether you want to dance, sculpt, tone, take a yoga class or shake your pom poms, Indigo has a class that will meet your needs,” says owner Caitlin Tinnon. One dance fusion class that stands out is the fun and flirty Yoga Booty Ballet.

“You dive into three different disciplines – cardio dance, ballet and yoga – all in the same class. The dance component gets your heart pumping and is easy to learn. The style of cardio dance can range from hip-hop to modern to jazz to Latin. The ballet section incorporates classic moves like port de bras, arabesques and grand battements, while the yoga section soothes the soul with favorites including the pigeon pose, planks and twists. 735 North LaSalle Street

Buddha Bootcamp at Zen Yoga Garage
You’ll find more than just vinyasa flow and hot yoga classes here. Buddha Bootcamp has all the cardio and strength drills of a regular bootcamp minus the angry drill sergeant, combining circuit training with cardio intervals and strength exercises. “Our [bootcamp] teachers are yoga instructors and teach with an emphasis on non-competitiveness and mindfulness,” notes Piper-Lori Parker, co-owner and general manager. “You’re encouraged rather than pushed.”

Saturday Buddha Bootcampers even do a one-mile run around the neighborhood after class. But what happens when the temperature drops? “Getting through winters requires a focus on positivity,” suggests Ms. Parker. “This is what yoga instructors live and breathe every day. Spending an hour a day with one of our teachers and being a part of our community as a whole will motivate you to stay on top of your mood and your physical exercise commitments.” 1845 North Milwaukee Avenue

Loading your workweek with fun, easy combination workouts you want to show up to increases the likelihood you’ll stay consistent for longer than a season. And lucky for you, unlike some fashion trends, fusion fitness classes never go out of style. Above photo courtesy of Sixpax.


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