GenoVive: A DNA Based Diet Plan


Like many, I love a good party. So when I received an invite to a new revolutionary DNA based weight loss program, I immediately RSVPd! Alas! No cocktails! However, bottled spring water was served along with healthy snack bar nibbles!

GenoVive is a high-end diet protocol – meaning preservative and additive-free as well as hormone free – meals and snack delivery company. This is a DNA-based meal plan. No shopping and no clean up. The food is delivered six days a week with one day off to eat whatever you want. The cost of the test is $149 and the cost per day for food is approximately $20 to $24 for three meals and two snacks, actually affordable if you value your time and want to save money on gas, cooking, and running the dishwasher. The bonus is you will also save by not eating out, as who can resist a cocktail or two?

GenoVive delivers results based on your DNA which rolls you into one of the four DNA food groups. I was found to be better at digesting fats and proteins with a suggested lower carbohydrate intake. The food we sampled was actually delicious. Better yet, all foods are GMO and hormone-free with no pesticides and no added dyes or coloring agents. I recommend it over other food delivery companies as the food sources are clean, which greatly enhances digestion, increases metabolism and activates weight loss potential.



About Deborah Arneson

Deborah Arneson holds a B.S. in Food Science, a M.S. in Counseling Psychology and is a licensed clinical nutritionist. A veteran in her field, she specializes in solving hormonal imbalances: increasing energy, focus, moods, eliminating anxiety, constipation and sleep problems though one on one nutrition counseling and Ayurvedic practices.