Glad It’s Over

“Glad It’s Over” is a song by Wilco that was supposed to be in their last album but was taken out. Listen to it on YouTube – it’s actually pretty good, but then I’m no music critic. But it’s the song title that makes me reflect on what I’m really glad is over so far this year.

1. Political advertising. The recent ads that ran on TV were filled with misinformation and downright lies. Whatever happened to truth in advertising? Fact-checking by an impartial group should be mandatory prior to air time. Dream on, Sher.

2. The election. Too much mud-slinging, not enough substance.

3. TCW’s Halloween Party. Who knew it would be so much work? But it was fun and raised money for a good cause.

4. Skinny models. If we believe arbiter of style Anna Wintour’s guideline of a few months ago to ban models too skinny or under age 16 from the pages of Vogue, then finally, finally the industry may come to its senses concerning their models’ health. Will it help curb anorexia and financial exploitation of minors? Hopefully.

5. Chicago’s teacher’s strike. What’s left to say? Enjoyed Karen Lewis taking on the mayor, clearly showing him that she wasn’t about to be bullied by him.

6. Chicago’s NATO Summit. Much to do about nothing. Cost the city a fortune and the riots, along with retailers promised revenues never happened.

7. Occupy Wall Street. A movement with no legs, although it did get its 15 minutes.

8. Mayan calendar. The prediction of the world coming to an end December 21, 2012, showed that an analysis of the doomsday date proved to be wrong. Well, I hope so. My milestone birthday is December 22 this year.


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