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green energy

To switch or not to switch?

Given that the planet and humans are in trouble environmentally, I’ve always wanted to do more and know more about the green movement, specifically renewable energy. I wanted to make a difference, so a few years ago I was exploring shifting to windmill or solar energy and found both to be more expensive. But not anymore!

Last summer, one of my associates introduced me to an East Coast-based company named Viridian. I began investigating and found that this little company grew by over 708 percent last year. My interest perked and I found they were growing due to their business model and the savings for consumers, averaging from 8 to 11 percent over a 12 month cycle.

Energy deregulation was passed in the Chicago area in 1997. As of August 1, consumers have the choice of a) keeping ComEd, a brown coal based source of energy, b) opting for 100 percent green sourced energy, which is more expensive, or c) switching to 20 percent renewable green energy. I looked into Viridian, which offers the last two.

I liked what I saw and I switched for these reasons: I like to save money and help the environment. Plus, the company I switched to has no contracts or enrollment fees. It was fast and easy to sign up and it only took a few minutes. I did not encounter any hidden fees! Last but not least, this socially responsible company sources its energy locally from windmills and bears the Green-E-Energy certification, which protects the consumer and is fairly expensive and hard to obtain.

Viridian exceeds the portfolio standards that all new companies must abide by in every state where they offer service, which puts them way ahead of the game in environmentally friendly renewable and sustainable energy. In addition, a percentage of this company’s earnings goes to humanitarian projects, such as bringing clean water to kids in remote villages in Africa.

Here’s how it works: Your utility company continues to ‘deliver’ your energy while your green energy company provides green windmill or hydro energy (instead of the old coal-based energy). You continue to receive your ComEd bill monthly; Viridian’s green supplied energy is denoted on the same bill.

We have a choice and a voice to save money and save the earth. Green energy is a start.


About Deborah Arneson

Deborah Arneson holds a B.S. in Food Science, a M.S. in Counseling Psychology and is a licensed clinical nutritionist. A veteran in her field, she specializes in solving hormonal imbalances: increasing energy, focus, moods, eliminating anxiety, constipation and sleep problems though one on one nutrition counseling and Ayurvedic practices.