Greenery Inside and Out


The beginning of spring brings to mind flowers and plants outside. But you can add beauty, fragrance and the look of springtime to your home by decorating with lush plants and potted trees. House plants are again becoming a key element of today’s interior décor.

The Chicago Flower & Garden Show is in Chicago from March 15 to 23, 2014, at Navy Pier. There are many unique garden displays and numerous seminars presenting creative ways to bring plants and cut flowers into your home. One example is from LiveWall – a system of containers to display plants either on indoors walls or exterior of the home.

To start a plan to add plants to your home interior it’s a good idea to talk with someone at a local nursery to give you tips about choosing and caring for plants. You can choose plants based on the spot in your home where you’d like to keep them or you can select a plant you love and then seek advice on where to place it.

Ferns are a favorite of designers because they are so delicate and soft, with a green color that looks fresh. You can group them together in odd numbers in pots of varied heights on the floor, you can add interest to the height of a room with hanging basket planters, and they even look excellent potted and placed on a pedestal, coffee table or console table.

Consider plants that flower in the spring, like daffodils, narcissus and hyacinth. Gardenia plants add heady fragrance but require a bit of effort. For dramatic effect, fig trees like the fiddle leaf fig are architectural and minimalist. They’re perfect for corners or flanking a fireplace as these grow straight upward. Create a surprise by using a fiddle leaf fig tree in unexpected places, like a bathroom. Kitchens are perfect places for potted herb plants such as mint or basil, to cluster on your countertop or window sill.

Remember, it’s worth taking time to choose the right pots. The same plant in a different pot will create a different vibe. Like the frame on a piece of art it sets the tone.


About Karen Carpino

Karen Carpino is an interior designer and founder of Chicago-based Karen Carpino Design. A professionally registered interior designer with over 25 years of experience, Ms. Carpino's clientele includes both residential and commercial projects. She brings you techniques, trends and tips in “Style At Home.”