Grooming Routines for Men


Great for the body, and even better for the soul.

For men, careful grooming can be a professional necessity, demonstrating attention to detail and respect for others. But the benefits of good grooming extend beyond physical appearance. Planning time for self-care builds confidence, clears the head, and keeps anyone – man or woman – feeling ready for anything. Here are some of my favorite ways for men to look and feel fantastic.

Know how often to wash your hair: daily if your hair is straight, but maybe every few days if your hair is coarse or curly. Find a great barber and consider a regular haircut every three weeks. Regular cuts will prevent you from ever looking like you need a trim. Your barber can also make sure hair stays away from the ears and off the back of the neck.

Whatever you prefer to do with facial hair, make sure skin is clean and moisturized. Use a mild cleanser and an excellent moisturizer. Don’t forget sunscreen – using something with a broad-spectrum SPF will protect your health and your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays. A monthly facial, preferably one designed for men, will keep skin hydrated, toned and blackhead-free.

Brush and floss twice daily, maybe more! Food and plaque are terrible for the mouth and worse for conversations.

Keep nails short and meticulously clean. Do this yourself weekly, or join the growing number of men who schedule regular manicures. Setting this appointment every two weeks ensures that hands look fantastic without any further thought or effort on your part.

Shower daily, as well as after working out or working outside. If you prefer a fuzz-free back, neck and shoulders, shave carefully or schedule a monthly waxing appointment. Also on the subject of hair, carefully check that nostril and ear hairs are out of sight. This is important for men of virtually all ages, especially 30 and older. You can use a trimmer designed for this purpose, but we can attest that waxing services for these areas are among our most popular services at the Tiffani Kim Institute. A monthly visit is all it takes.

Remember that grooming routines should enhance your life, not complicate it.  Be intentional and thoughtful as you prepare yourself for whatever the day might bring.  You’ll reap the rewards in your relationships, your sense of well-being and in your long-term health.

If you’re preparing to honor any man important to you this Father’s Day, think about forgoing the “stuff” and instead using the holiday as an opportunity to nourish the body and soul. Mens’ spa services, a round of golf, a gym pass, or an outdoor excursion are great ways to give a sense of peace to someone you love.

Tiffani Kim

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Tiffani Kim is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, artist and founder of the Tiffani Kim Institute Medical Wellness Spa in Chicago’s River North. Ms. Kim helps you stay youthful and healthy from the inside out in her blog, “Living Well and Beautifully” with advice, recommendations, trends and more.