Guest Blogging to Business Success

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One of the better ways to build your company’s brand is by guest blogging, either for influential bloggers in your industry or high-authority sites that can help you reach new customers.

Let’s assume you already have a blog and that it is well-researched and highly-credible with lots of subscribers. That in itself is a great calling card to present to another blogger. If you haven’t tried guest blogging, here are some tips to get you started.

Do your research. Develop a list of popular blogs and media outlets that are read by your target market, and familiarize yourself with the topics they cover. Then, develop your own list of topics. In general, bloggers like posts that are highly-informative and offer useful advice.

Carefully consider your keywords. Using the Google Keyword Planner, figure out how your content can compete for search optimization. For instance, my keyword for this post is “guest blogging.” When I used the keyword tool, I found the phrase has ‘medium’ competition, which is good, and it also offered some alternative key words and phrases, such as ‘tips for guest blogging.’

Connect with the blog manager or author. Like journalists, bloggers receive many pitches. To get your content used, it helps if you have an established relationship. Write a comment now and then on their posts. Then, craft a compelling pitch, clearly explaining what you want to write about. Include a bio and a link to posts you’ve written. Explain how you will promote the post through your own marketing channels like a newsletter and social media.

Be patient if they don’t respond right away. High-authority bloggers are usually pretty busy. If you don’t get a response after a few days or a week, re-send the pitch, and consider reaching out by phone. If there’s still no word, move on. If you fail to generate a response after several attempts, you may want to contact a content marketing specialist.

The benefits of guest blogging are great. Guest blogs can be a perfect way to help build new audiences and enhance your company’s credibility. They should be a staple of any marketing plan.

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