Heat Wave


Summer’s heat and humidity are sure to melt makeup, but new formulations are lightweight with staying power. For example, Hourglass Cosmetics offers a vegan waterproof bronzer that’s “just as easy to apply as regular bronzer,” says Hourglass Ambassador Moani Lee. She recommends applying the bronzer along the cheekbones, temples, hairline, bridge of the nose and chin. “When using bronzer, you want to mimic how you’d get a gorgeous bronze glow naturally from the sun’s rays,” she explains. Soft, powder-based waterproof products are easily removable with a mild soap and water or makeup remover.

The formulations of waterproof staples like mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow are continually updated to utilize the latest technological improvements. Make Up For Ever’s cream eye colors come in three new shades for summer and contain a mix of evaporating oils and an innovative polymer that set pigments and keep moisture out. “Waterproof products contain a special ingredient, volatile silicone, that allows you to blend the product for 30 seconds,” says Make Up For Ever Artist/Regional Educator Jennifer Rostami. “After 30 seconds that ingredient evaporates, bonds the product to the skin and keeps it in place. Only makeup remover or oil will take it off,” she explains. To apply, “work in sheer layers. Since you only have 30 seconds to blend the waterproof product, it’s best to work with less than more during that time. Add the product to your finger or brush, then make your desired shape and let it dry. Once fully dry, add another layer to brighten the color.”

For those who like their everyday products too much to swap them out for waterproof formulas, several cosmetic companies produce waterproof topcoats. For example, when applied atop your favorite ultra-dramatic mascara the topcoat instantly waterproofs it. Voilà. Pool-ready.


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