How to Date a Younger Man


Society is changing and that includes a new perspective on dating and relationships. Same sex marriage is the new normal and has been legalized in many States across America. So what’s next? Older women dating younger men is nothing new but it could become the next widely accepted dating practice. On the other hand, maybe you don’t care what others think, you want to do what makes you happy. Well, if dating younger men makes you happy, here are five steps to help make it a success.

1. Be confident. Confidence is attractive and sexy. These characteristics will turn you into a magnet and draw men to you. Exude confidence whenever you can and you will reap the rewards.

2. Don’t be shy. We all experience shyness from time to time but don’t allow it to control you. Overcome shyness by smiling and making eye contact with men around you (especially the younger ones). Be engaged with your surroundings. Get involved.

3. Be approachable. Opportunities come to those who are open. Present a friendly and welcoming demeanor to those around you. Being sociable is one of the best ways to showcase your willingness to meet new people. Throw in a bit of sexiness to make sure most of those new people are of the male persuasion.

4. Go to the right places. Meeting younger men can be a challenge for older women. Older women don’t often ‘hang out’ at the same types of places as younger men. You can kick start the process by going where they go. Leave your comfort zone and try going to new places like amusement parks, sporting events, the gym or the beach.

5. Approach him first. This may seem to conflict with other dating advice; however, new dating agendas call for new dating rules. Older women tend to be more confident and capable of taking the lead when approaching younger men. Say ‘hello’ and show interest if you see someone attractive. Alternatively, you can always approach a younger man online if it seems to daunting to do it in person.

Either way, whether online or offline, the first step is to get his attention. Be friendly, show interest and start a conversation. Exchange contact information and watch it grow. Even if the first meeting doesn’t spark, be persistent. Don’t give up! Your next May to December romance might be right around the corner.


About Mary Wright

Mary M. Wright is a relationship expert and dating coach. She founded the boutique matchmaking firm, Unlocked Love, LLC, in 2008. She now serves as the lead dating coach for the Chicago based activities-driven dating site SuperDatesNow. Her first book is called Offline Dating Guide: How to Turn Your Online Date Into An Offline Mate.