How To Establish a Hair and Makeup Routine For You


Join entrepreneur Ellen Burton as she tackles every aspect of a personal branding makeover with The Image Studios. Today, she talks about her one-on-one makeup consultation, and we hear input from her cosmetics expert.

The makeup consultation was encouraging and took the fear out of selecting and applying makeup. It’s nice to know I have a resource to ask about new makeup choices and skin care.

I was taught by my mother, who has great skin, to use warm water and a wash cloth on my skin morning and night. No cleansers, no chemicals. It worked, but I realize that was because I wore foundation but very little eye shadow. I was afraid of too much color.

Now that I’m wearing a primer on my eyes, lots of color on my lids, foundation, eye brow pencil, mascara and blush, warm water may not be getting my skin really clean.

Laura Franco (The Image Studios’ professional makeup artist, instructor and beauty expert) was great about suggesting hypoallergenic cleansers — oh, and sunscreen. I’m a golfer and am diligent about sunscreen when exercising, but I had no idea what to use for day-to-day use that doesn’t leave my face feeling weighed down or oily. I now have suggestions and feel I’m in line with my “healthy” part of my brand.

My only issue is getting a little T-zone shine sometimes after about 5 or 6 hours. I’m still not a girly girl, so carrying makeup with me isn’t intuitive, but maybe that’s what I have to do.

My question: What is the importance of establishing a hair and makeup routine that fits my lifestyle?


If the routine doesn’t fit your lifestyle, it’s not for you. What we are doing will stick, because it makes you look like who you are AND you can execute it without adjusting your priorities. Since you are not a girly girl, we won’t make you one! (Carry oil blotting rice paper sheets in your wallet for that t-zone shine.)

Your priorities are in order, it’s my job to understand your life and fit a grooming routine in, not the other way around.

When grooming fits your lifestyle, you do it. And if it’s as easy as brushing your teeth, you’re likely to do it every day!



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