How to Select Paint Colors


Color sets the tone and feel of a room and also ties together the furnishings and accessories. But many people are overwhelmed with color choices. So how do you get started? Here are some tips from paint company professionals to help you choose the right colors for your home.

- Create a list of the key elements that will remain in the room: sofa, rug, flooring.
- Determine your budget. Consider which changes will have the biggest bang for your budget, such as paint, slipcovers and accessories.
- Think about the purpose of the room and how you will like to feel in it. For example, do you see your family room as a quiet haven or a lively entertainment center?
- Determine your own personal color preferences. Do you gravitate toward warms, cools or neutrals?
- Collect color and fabric swatches and images from magazines and websites. Gather ideas from your favorite travel spots, gardens, seaside – what inspires you.

Once you’ve gathered your ideas, take a look at the collection and see which design elements stand out. Are there specific colors, styles or other elements that attract you? Group colors to see which ones most appeals to you. View all samples together in the room where they will be used. Then you can see how your choices look with what’s existing in the room and in the actual lighting conditions. Consider the size and scale of your room and its furnishings. Keep in mind the concept of harmony and balance while editing your choices.


About Karen Carpino

Karen Carpino is an interior designer and founder of Chicago-based Karen Carpino Design. A professionally registered interior designer with over 25 years of experience, Ms. Carpino's clientele includes both residential and commercial projects. She brings you techniques, trends and tips in “Style At Home.”