How to Shop for Wedding Accessories


Selecting your veil, shoes and baubles

Shopping for the dream gown is special for every bride, but what about the accessories? Accessories have a shining role next to the gown, so don’t forget these helpful tips when shopping for your wedding day.

1. Never be over-influenced by other people.

It’s always nice to hear others’ opinions, but make sure you’re happy with your own choice. Listen to their advice, of course, but always go with what you feel most comfortable in and what reflects your personal style.

2. Give yourself plenty of time to choose and order all accessories: jewelry, headpiece, veil and shoes. 

Don’t fall into the trap of panic purchasing. Order and choose at least 6-8 weeks in advance. Do not order by your wedding date; pick a date when you want everything in your hands, ready for your fitting.

3. Wear a white or ivory camisole when wedding accessory shopping.

A white camisole helps you visualize your look. Always remember to have a photo of your dress with you.

4. Decide on your hairstyle prior to selecting a headpieceand take your headpiece with you when you see your hairstylist.

By coordinating a look, your selection process will be far easier. Make sure the stylist does not spray it with hair products as discoloration may occur.

5. Keep an open mind when shopping for a veil.

It’s the one time in your life you get to wear a veil. Whether it’s a blusher, flyaway, bird cage or cathedral, a veil will look beautiful on any bride. Remember it’s more than just a piece of tulle – do not iron your veil yourself as veiling shrivels under a hot iron. Instead, hang it up in a hot, steamy bathroom or blow-dry it with a hair dryer to remove any creases.

6. Finding the perfect wedding shoe can be a difficult task.

Comfort is key, so choose a shoe you’ll feel confident in while walking down the aisle and dancing all night. You’ll need your shoes for dress fittings, so plan ahead. Bringing a comparable size heel you “think” you’ll wear is not advisable since it may be difficult to find an exact match. Start shoe shopping as soon as you select your dress.

If you’re thinking about wearing colored wedding shoes, keep in mind that such shoes can drastically contrast with your gown and will negate that long line. Colored shoes are definitely trendy, so if you’re worried about looking at your photos in the future and cringing, opt for a lovely silk white or ivory wedding shoe instead.

8. Most importantly, have fun!

Shopping for bridal accessories should be an enjoyable part of your wedding shopping experience.

Photography by Rick Aguilar Studios


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