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1 Weddings with Clinton Kelly
By Marissa Bergman

According to my Facebook newsfeed, it’s engagement season. And if you’re one of those newly engaged ring-wearers, your timing couldn’t be more perfect. Clinton Kelly, of What Not to Wear…

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IMG_4186 Baking: The Classics

I heard her distinct laughter, hollow through the elaborate hallway of the hotel. Then I saw the chef’s white coat, black beanie and big smile. It’s been a while since…

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buff and coat My Business Model for Success
By Amanda Raidart

In an industry comprised of a single school of thought, I’m okay with being the standout, the outlier, the rebel, if you will. It’s a strategy that has worked well…

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When a Chicago friend of mine and I (second from left) visited gorgeous Positano, Italy, we hung out with a then-new friend Kelly Carter (fourth from left) and her friend, who lived in this Amalfi Coast paradise. Connect with Local Friends-of-Friends
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