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North Center, a vibrant neighborhood just south of Montrose on Lincoln Avenue (formerly Little Fork Road) has a new family store with the recent opening of Da Sorce located at 4353 North Lincoln Avenue. Da Sorce is a comic book/gaming store with a twist. For the under 13-year-old child looking for entertainment, this store has plenty to do.

Da Sorce encourages the kids to come out and play at their tables in the game room, which are free to use for the game play and available for rental parties. They have various card games including Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, as well as special board game tournaments. You can also bring your own game cards and supplies.

Da Sorce is the first store to my knowledge that has workshops for children and adults where you can create your own comic books! This is a fun source of entertainment for both the kids and their parents that stimulates creativity. They also sell new and back issues of some of your favorite comics. Painting and drawing are encouraged as they also have a ‘kidz korner’ with child-friendly comics.

Toys and games for all ages are available as the store continues to build its inventory. They also provide custom products including, t-shirts, banners, posters, mugs and a host of other advertising promotional items.

The owners of Da Sorce are believers in giving back to the local community, sponsoring the comic book club at the North Center Public library to create incentives for kids to encourage reading in the library. This program will be offering rewards for kids that read a certain number of books.

In the heart of the vibrant North Center neighborhood, the store is easily accessible by the brown line with ample street parking. While you are there check out the many restaurants, live music venues and specialty retailers.

For more information on this fun-filled and creative store, please contact owner Lynn Actaboski at 773.665.2226 or, or check out the website at Da Sorce.


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