Kimberly Moore: A Powerful Force


KDM Engineering (KDM) is a successful electrical engineering design and consulting firm headed by Kimberly Moore.  As one of the only women business owners in the electrical engineering design field in the Chicago market, Ms. Moore is definitely a force to be recognized. As KDM focuses on engineering for electrical utilities (taking power and distributing it among the local utility’s clients), the company is beginning to see success winning contracts with various projects in the Chicagoland area and beyond.

Growing her business to where it is today has not been easy. Ms. Moore explains that when she first started out in the business she was looking for a mentor, in her field, and a female. To say it was difficult is an understatement. She discovered early on that in this industry she would face many difficulties that she would have to persevere through alone.

Throughout her career she has learned a lot through trial and error, which has given her a better respect for success and what it takes to achieve it. Everyone will tell you about the importance of passion for your job, but Ms. Moore especially urges this point if you are looking to open your own business. She explains that there are too many challenges and road blocks that inevitably appear when opening a business and unless you are completely passionate about the industry, your commitment will fizzle.

Ms. Moore also contributes her success to her commitment to respect for other individuals in the business.  While working her way up in different companies, she appreciated everyone’s talent and treated others with respect, a trait she continues to maintain. With everyone, whether it be designers, contractors or builders, Ms. Moore makes an effort to work with them collaboratively.  She explains that she grew her network for her current business based on past positive relationships even from as far back as her first job.

The biggest challenge Ms. Moore faced was gaining the trust from others for her company in the engineering field. She needed to prove her company’s ability and integrity could be trusted to take the lead on large projects.  She explains that this takes time and patience and will come as your company grows. One of Ms. Moore’s goals is to change the demographics in the engineering field. She hopes more girls will choose to pursue careers in the engineering industry. In her free time Ms. Moore mentors younger girls with the hope of opening their eyes to the possibility of a career choice they may not have considered before.

Ms. Moore also hopes to change the way others see her company, she doesn’t want people to see her company as a top female engineering firm, she wants people to see her company as a top engineering firm, whether it be male or female owned.


About Emilia DiMenco

Emilia DiMenco is President and CEO of Women’s Business Development Center and Retired Executive Vice President BMO Harris N.A. Emilia DiMenco was named president and chief executive officer of the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) on August 1, 2013, a transition from co-founders, Hedy Ratner and Carol Dougal. Emilia joined the Women’s Business Development Center as chief operating officer in July 2010 after completing a 30-year career as an executive vice president with BMO Harris N.A. Emilia had P&L responsibility for 80% of her career and managed budgets in excess of $200 million with revenues multiples greater. Her responsibility included leadership and management for 600 commercial banking employees.