Know the Unwritten Rules of Facebook

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BuzzFeed created some buzz the other day with a post about the unwritten but annoying violations on Facebook. My assistant Tammy sent it over and said I must share these annoyances with TCW friends.

BuzzFeed says you should post things friends want to see. These include major life events, helpful recipes, a limited number of vacation photos, et cetera. They wrote: “Steer clear of posting viewpoints on politics and religion. And nobody really cares about your workout routine unless it’s your fitness coach.” Tammy’s two cents: It is so irritating to me when people post things like “time to work out” or “getting ready to make dinner” or “time to do the laundry.” Who cares what is on your daily itinerary?

Under no circumstances should you ‘like’ your own post. Tammy’s two cents: “Obviously, you like what you post; otherwise, you wouldn’t post it. But ‘liking’ your own post, to me, is like tooting your own horn. Is it really necessary?”

Selfies are encouraged. BuzzFeed wrote, “Just don’t post the entire selfie photo shoot. One picture will do.” Tammy’s two cents: Seriously, why would someone want to post so many selfies? I have one Facebook friend who probably posts 10 or more selfies a day. What’s even worse is that she ‘likes’ all those selfies. It’s a display of self-centeredness that I find off-putting.”

Don’t share inspirational quotes, one right after the other. According to BuzzFeed: “Quotes from inspirational pages might be personally uplifting and encouraging but sharing several quotes in a row is overkill.” Tammy’s two cents? They clutter the newsfeed.

Don’t make your Facebook friends guess. BuzzFeed writes that “vague status updates that suggest depression or worse can really worry your friends.” Tammy’s two cents: Don’t use Facebook as a place to vent or post angry or depressing thoughts. Instead, rely on the privacy of a diary for writing down your thoughts, or visit a clergyman or therapist for help.”

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