Lamps, Lamps and More Lamps


With advances in technology, the advent of the Internet and home design TV shows, and changes in the way we live, lighting can and should do more. Lighting today has to perform its function while adding to the overall décor of a room. Due to increased interest by consumers and more information available in the media, the average homeowwner has more information about design and style of lighting.

There are many options for a type of lighting such as track lighting, wall sconces, ceiling fixtures and architectural built-in lighting elements. However, the tried-and-true table lamp and floor lamp is still essential. Lamps are best for task lighting in an office, kitchen, hobby area and bedroom. An entry or dining area is a great place to put a lamp on a console table or buffet. In the living room, create a smaller conversation area with lighting from table or floor lamps. A great way to make a room come to life with drama is to creatively place mood lighting effects in the space.

A quick and easy update to your current lamps is to change the shade. Every city has a great lamp shade shop. The trick is to take in the entire lamp when looking for a new shade. In this way you will get a lamp shade that is the best proportion to the size of the base and the color and shape that enhances the lamp.

The market is filled with many options for lamps in any style, design, material and price range. I have included a sampling in the gallery.


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