Lara Hudson’s Mercury Method


The fitness video star chats about her workout facility in Wicker Park.

Exercise expert Lara Hudson’s Mercury Method facility opened a few months ago in Wicker Park, and her exclusive workout is a now big trend in the city.

The Mercury Method has the best of everything – our workout combines the most effective elements of strength training, Pilates, yoga and endurance conditioning into one total body workout,” shares the best-selling fitness video star. “Our beautiful, cutting-edge Mercury Method facility provides the perfect atmosphere for a fun, challenging and temperature-charged workout; withthe addition of heat to challenge your cardiovascular system, you’ll not only be the strongest you’ve ever been, but you’ll also burn calories and lose weight.”

Ms. Hudson’s facility offers an affordable Intro Package – just six classes in six days for only $6. “And with a simple drop-in fee of $16 per class, or an unlimited monthly pass for just $160, there’s no confusion about prices,” she insists. “No hidden costs, no friction – no problem!”

And what exactly comprises the Mercury Method? Ms. Hudson states, “Our finely crafted workouts – STRENGTH, STAMINA and CONTROL – are powered by the science of biomechanics. Throughout each 60-minute routine, every single muscle in your body will be accessed, engaged and strengthened, from the deepest layers all the way out into your large power muscles. Our mission at the Mercury Method is to teach our clients to not only to work out harder, but to work outsmarter –with a laser-beam focus on form, we teach the client to squeeze every single bit of benefit from each exercise, so they are working to their maximum potential and getting fitter, faster.”

The presence of heatduring the workouts is an important component of The Mercury Method. “We heat the room to 98.6 degrees, creating a perfect equilibrium between your core body temperature and the external environment, which helps you melt felt, burn calories, lose weight and detoxify your body from the inside out,” explains Ms, Hudson. “You’ll feel like a new person after participating in one of our classes, and after just a few weeks of consistent training with our excellent staff of instructors, your body will transform – looking, functioning and feeling its absolute best.

The 2,000-square-foot facility is in the heart of Wicker Park on Milwaukee Avenue. “Our studio space is spectacular, with white-washed hardwood floors, a wall-to-wall backlit mirror, ambient lighting, two helicopter-style ceiling fans, and a 14-speaker sound system,” details Ms. Hudson. “Outside of the workout space, the radiant tile floor in both our changing rooms and bathrooms will keep your toes toasty on cold winter days, and you can cool off in our rainfall shower after a great workout.

“We love Wicker Park because it’s got such a buzz,” shares Ms. Hudson. “There are so many small business owners who have a unique and passionate vision, who are working their tails off to forge a place in the neighborhood, and we wanted to be a part of that movement. The businesses in Wicker Park all know each other and support each other’s efforts. I can’t express enough gratitude for how welcoming the community has been. But don’t think we’re stopping here – our flagship facility is only the first of many studios we plan to open in Chicago. There are so many fantastic neighborhoods here, and we want to bring our signature style of fitness to everyone.

Ms. Hudson is excited to share her exercise passion with Chicagoans. “We feel such a sense of community here, and we’ve built a facility that aims to convey that same feeling, so everyone feels welcome, comfortable and confident that we’ll take great care of them,” she says. “The Mercury Method truly is a workout for everyone – so addictive, so effective and so affordable that you won’t need to go anywhere else for your fitness needs.”

1444 North Milwaukee Avenue, 773.661.2994



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